Mammal monitoring on NT Islands


Mammal Decline

These web pages provide background information and a contact point for those concerned about the decline of mammals in northern Australia, and those working to address this decline through research projects or management programs.

In particular, there is a summary of the proceedings and outcomes of a workshop about mammal decline held in Darwin in February 2009. 

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One of the mammals under threat: the northern quoll

There is substantial recent evidence of rapid declines and local extinctions of many native mammals in extensive areas of northern Australia.  This has occurred across all types of land tenures, including large conservation reserves, and represents the most substantial biodiversity conservation challenge facing this region. The factors causing this decline appear to be a cocktail of predation by feral cats, inappropriate fire regimes, and vegetation change due to total grazing pressure, with some possibility of involvement by disease. The relative contribution of these factors may vary at different sites and amongst different species; but has not been clarified.