Feral animals

Major feral animals

This region of the tropical savannas has a wide range of feral animal species present, although only feral cats and pigs can be found throughout it. Both impact severely on the biodiversity of the region by preying on native animals. Pigs also cause a great deal of damage via the wallows they dig which break up the country.

The cane toad, found in the wetter sectors of the region, impacts on both its predator and prey populations. The horse, rabbit, fox and goat all have isolated or patchy distributions and so cause localised impacts on the region's natural environment.

Feral species, in the North East Queensland region, that have the most potential to significantly impact on the natural environment or pastoral activities include the following:

  • Natural Environment: pig, cat, cane toad, fox, rabbit, goat, horse
  • Pastoral: pig, goat, horse, rabbit

Distribution and density

  • Donkey: isolated populations found inland in the south-east
  • Horse: patches of low to high densities located around the north and central western boundary
  • Pig: inhabits the entire region with densities varying from low to high
  • Cat: distributed throughout the entire region
  • Rabbit: isolated populations with a more widespread distribution around the south-east coastal areas
  • Fox: found around the south-eastern coastal sector similar to rabbit distribution
  • Cane toad: distributed across almost the entire region being absent from inland sectors
  • Goat: occupy a small area in the south-west
  • Chital: isolated population in the Maryvale Creek region.