Geology and Soils

Links and publications

Following are a number of web links and good general publications relating to the soils and geology of the Cape York region. Click on "All regions, Geology & Soils" on the top menu bar for an savanna-wide overview.


AGSO (1994) Geology of Cape York Peninsula. Cape York Peninsula Land Use Strategy (CYPLUS) 1: 250 000 Mapping Coverage. Australian Geological Survey Organisation, Canberra.

CSIRO (1983) Soils: An Australian viewpoint, Melbourne: CSIRO.

The Geological Information Hotline is a successful service from the Geological Survey of Queensland, with answers to all of your questions about the Department's geoscience products and services.
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Morgan, G. (1999) Chapter 10: Desert Uplands. In Sattler, P.S. and Williams, R.D. (eds) The Conservation Status of Queensland's Bioregional Ecosystems, Environmental Protection Agency, Brisbane Queensland Department of Mines, Australia 1: 250 000 Geologi

Queensland Department of Mines, Australia 1: 250 000 Geological Series sheets and booklets.