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Feral animals

Major feral animals

Large feral donkey populations can become established quickly when resources are abundant and so impact heavily on pastoral activities and the natural environment over vast sections of this region. Pigs are also widespread but generally have low densities. Pigs in the wetter north, where they are more numerous, cause significant damage. The cat which is widespread, has a more selective impact restricted to native animal populations.

Donkeys being tagged by AGWEST as part of its Judas program

As in the neighbouring Kimberley region, Donkeys are a major feral animal in the VRD

Feral species, in the VRD-Sturt region, that have the most potential to significantly impact on the natural environment or pastoral activities include the following:

  • Natural environment: donkey, cat, pig
  • Pastoral: donkey, horse, pig

Distribution and density

  • Donkey—widespread, throughout the entire region
  • Horse—patchy distribution with low to high densities in central and inland regions
  • Pig—low densities over much of the whole region, higher densities are found in northern inland sectors
  • Cat—distributed throughout the entire region
  • Fox—seasonal, small isolated pockets